Rare Claims That Nobody Knows Who The Company Is


Posted June 30, 2009 - By r_pad

Developer Rare Helping Develop Project NatalEarlier in the month I wrote about Peter Molyneux wanting to put Rare back on the map (in a positive light) as part of his responsibilities as creative director of Microsoft Games Studios Europe. Considering Rare's previous accomplishments, I thought his comments were a little on the pretentious side, but it seems people from Rare are agreeable to Molyneux's mission. In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, Rare head of animation Louise Ridgeway said:

"He comes up regularly and it's great to see someone like Pete here. It gives us a little bit of a face because no-one knows who we are!"

I'm a bit shocked by these comments. Certainly longtime gamers know and love Rare for its excellent work on Nintendo consoles. Some gamers know Rare as a company that Microsoft purchased for $375 million and, so far, hasn't lived up to the price tag. But to say that nobody knows who the company is sounds a bit ridiculous to me. Maybe it's a case of kissing up to the new boss, but I'm certain that a great deal of gamers are aware of Rare.

Just to give myself a reality check (The Miz style), do you guys and gals know who Rare is? What do you remember the company for? Maybe Donkey Kong Country and GoldenEye 007? Or do you think of Rare as the company that served up Grabbed by the Ghoulies to a world that didn't deserve it?


Rare Claims That Nobody Knows Who The Company Is


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