Square Enix Updates Countdown Site: World Yawns


Posted June 29, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Dragon Countdown

As G4's official expert on all internet gaming countdown clocks, it is my great pleasure to drop the following earth-shaking bombshell: The Square Enix's countdown clock I told you about last week has been updated to include a line drawing of a dragon.

President Obama has yet to comment on the change, but some inside sources have speculated that the addition of the flying lizard in the picture could indicate that the new game Square plans to announce will have something to do with dragons.

Reactions from the international community have run the gamut from Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's sharp condemnation of the dragon's short arms and "silly-looking" face, to French President Nicolas Sarkozy who told Reuters, "Zis Dragon? She is formidable: Sleek and beautiful like ze summer day."

The people of the world are already preparing for July 6th, the day the countdown clock winds down to zero. Experts predict that the clock reaching zero will result in either the announcement of an entirely new Square Enix property, the revelation of another edition of a well-known Square franchise, or the ultimate extermination of the human race.

We've sent several G4 correspondents into the future to check into the matter, but as yet, we have not heard back from them, probably because their reports are filed in their present, which is our future, and to them, now is the past.

So yeah, something about dragons.


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Square Enix Updates Countdown Site: World Yawns


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