Two Nintendo DS Tingle Games Revealed


Posted June 25, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson


Everyone's most-beloved Nintendo character, Tingle, is starring in two new Tingle titles on the Nintendo DS, at least in Japan. The lovable little middle-aged, fairy-obsessed map salesman will star in Color Changing Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love (no, I didn't make that title up) and "Dekisugi Tingle Pack."

Dekisugi Tingle Pack, available for download now in Japan, isn't a game as much as a DSiWare collection of Tingle-centric applications including a calculator, a fortune teller, a timer and a coin-flipper. Color Changing Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love,  is apparently a full sequel to Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Little is known about the project, but according to IGN, it's not themed-around money like Rupeeland; creepily, it's themed around girls. Famitsu lists the title's date as TBA.

Tingle made his first appearance in N64 classic Majora's Mask, where he delighted a generation of gamers by hovering around on a balloon and selling maps. His hobbies include collecting rupees, saying "Kooloo-Limpa!" and annoying me.

What do you think of Tingle? Would you like to see these two games appear in the U.S.? Would you buy them? What do you think accounts for Tingle's evident popularity in Japan?

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Two Nintendo DS Tingle Games Revealed