Bethesda's Todd Howard + id's Todd Hollenshead = The Todd Couple


Posted June 24, 2009 - By r_pad

Bethesda's Todd Howard + id's Todd Hollenshead = The Todd Couple

When the news broke that ZeniMax acquired id Software, I'd like to say that might immediate thought was of the awesome creative possibilities of a collaboration between Bethesda and id...or maybe the intriguing licensing possibilities of id Tech 5. Instead, my juvenile inventive mind conjured up a summer blockbuster movie starring id CEO Todd Hollenshead and Bethesda game director Todd Howard. In addition to having the same first name and the same initials, the Todds are two of gaming's best and brightest, but they're comically different. Hollenshead is tall, lanky, long haired, and extremely fashionable. Howard is diminutive and a less flashy dresser, but has a boyish charm and disarming wit. The two could be gaming's Tango and Cash, Murtaugh and Riggs, or Clooney and Pitt!

Later in the morning, I was corrected by my friend at Official Xbox Magazine. These two shouldn't be in an explosive buddy movie; they should be in a sitcom! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Todd Couple. As part of this acquisition, I think ZeniMax should have Todd and Todd move in together for a few months and let G4 film it. I'm sure the two would come up with a master plot that would rule the gaming world. I'm also sure that the two will have more than a few Perfect Strangers moments (guess which one would be Balki). This is gold! I'm going to head down to the pitch room right now and get this going...

...wait a minute. I like this job. I don't need to let the executives know that I'm insane. Dang, The Todd Couple would have been awesome.

Bethesda's Todd Howard + id's Todd Hollenshead = The Todd Couple


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