Ubisoft Explains Lack Of PlayStation 3 Support For Splinter Cell: Conviction


Posted June 19, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

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 Sony's PlayStation 3 lineup over the next year is nothing short of stellar. Yet, there is one game that PS3 fans will unfortunately not be getting their hands on anytime soon, and that game is of course Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Conviction. But if you think Conviction's absence on the PS3 has anything to do with console favoritism, then you'll be pleased to know that you're only half right, according to Kotaku.

During a Q&A on the company's official forums, a Ubisoft developer explained:

"Splinter Cell games are historically linked with Microsoft platforms. The first Splinter Cell on the original Xbox was one of the first games to fully exploit the console's technical possibilities. At that time, Microsoft really believed in the game potential and provided strong support to promote it. So, there is a 'link of heart' between the franchise and the platform. Some games are like this (think of Final Fantasy for instance). The second reason behind this choice is purely linked to production. Having a single target platform means that we can optimize the game even further, because we only have one type of - console - hardware to support."
I can understand the brand loyalty argument, to a degree, but as Grand Theft Auto proved (and Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid: Rising will most likely prove), just because a game is associated with a particular console, doesn't mean players will avoid it if it then appears on a different console as well. If it's a good game (and these are major franchises, so their success is all but guaranteed), people will play them on whatever console they can.
Plus, this "one console" assertion means that Ubisoft could be considering a PS3 exclusive Splinter Cell game sometime in the future, right? And given that Assassin's Creed 2, like its predecessor, will be released on both consoles, it seems kind of hard to buy any other explanation beyond the questionable console loyalty argument., unless Conviction is considerably more technically demanding than AC2,
I've contacted Ubisoft about all this, and they've yet to respond at the time of this posting. I'll give you an update when I hear back from the company.

Ubisoft Explains Lack Of PlayStation 3 Support For Splinter Cell: Conviction


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