Realtime Worlds' David Jones Frustrated By Crackdown 2 Developer Choice


Posted June 17, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

Realtime Worlds' David Jones Frustrated With Crackdown 2 Developer Choice Crackdown fans had a particularly enjoyable E3 this year, as Microsoft officially revealed that a sequel to Realtime World’s stylish sandbox action title was in the works. Outside of a nifty logo and the fact the game is being developed by UK-based developer Ruffian Games, nothing of substance has been released about Crackdown 2 thus far. So I guess we’ll just have to settle for some insider gossiping to hold us over for now.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Realtime Worlds founder and Rockstar North co-founder David Jones talks about the unfortunate consequence of choosing to develop its upcoming crime MMO APB instead of Crackdown 2.

“The bottom line is that what we thought would happen is that a sequel would be done by a studio somewhere... maybe one of the internal studios, or others that they've worked with, and that would be the way it went forward…I think it was unfortunate that it had to be with a start-up in Dundee...It is challenging to get enough developers in one region as it is, so that was the only little big of negativity to the story.”

In case you were wondering, Dundee is a town of about 150,000 in Scotland. So yeah. I could imagine it feeling a bit cramped with two development studios in town, especially when several developers from Realtime Worlds work at Ruffian. Then again, that’s probably precisely why Microsoft decided to task Ruffian with the sequel to one of the 360’s most surprising hits to date. Who better to have just down the street than the team that made the first game? You know, assuming the studios have a good relationship with each other.

What do you take away from Jones’ comments? Is his frustration justified?


Realtime Worlds' David Jones Frustrated By Crackdown 2 Developer Choice


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