It's 'Possible' Mass Effect Squad Members Could Appear In Mass Effect 2 Lineup


Posted June 12, 2009 - By pklepek

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Mass Effect 2

BioWare freaked some of its fans out yesterday when it seemed that all of the characters you grew to know in the original Mass Effect wouldn't have much of an impact in the sequel. The studio has since attempted to calm fan complaints in their own message boards, claiming that it's "possible" some squad members in Mass Effect could join you in Mass Effect 2.

"In some cases, it is possible that squad members from ME1 could end up in your ME2 squad," said BioWare writer Patrick Weekes. "Again, we're trying to approach this with respect for the characters. Nobody is being clumsily shoehorned in or casually written out. All surviving squad members are at least present as NPCs with important story roles."

"BioWare is not currently giving details about which squad members may possibly join up with Shepard," he continued. "We hope that part of the joy of ME2 for people who played the first game is seeing what has happened to people you cared about over the last two years, and we don't want to spoil that."

It sounds like BioWare wants to keep who is and isn't returning somewhat of a guessing game, but even I have to admit it's a little odd I'm not starting Mass Effect 2 with the same crew that carried me through the original.


It's 'Possible' Mass Effect Squad Members Could Appear In Mass Effect 2 Lineup


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