Electronic Arts Believes Mirror's Edge Suffered From Lack Of Multiplayer


Posted June 12, 2009 - By pklepek

When I finished Mirror's Edge, my first reaction definitely was not: hey, this needs multiplayer. But as evidenced by the addition of multiplayer components to popular single-player games like Uncharted and BioShock in their respective sequels, clearly that's a common concept amongst game companies. Mirror's Edge may receive the same treatment in its sequel, too, if I'm reading between the lines of comments made by EA Games president Frank Gibeau to GameSpot.

"Mirror's Edge was a fresh, new take that did quite well in Europe," said Gibeau, discussing lessons learned from launch two major new franchises during the busy fall market, "but not as well in the US, and I think that one suffered a bit from a lack of multiplayer, as well as being a relatively short experience, shorter than we had hoped."

I immediately voiced my concerns about shoehorning multiplayer into Mirror's Edge to fellow editor Andrew, but only moments later, we were already brainstorming ideas that could work perfectly in a Mirror's Edge sequel. Here's a few of the ideas we came up with...

Andrew: I thought the length was just fine
Me: me too
Me: if by multiplayer they mean...real-time races
Me: that would be rad
Andrew: yeah, definitely potential there
Me: i don't want combat oh teh noes
Andrew: I would hope that's what they mean, and that they realize that it's an anti-combat game
Andrew: you could do some sort of tag-based CTF or something?
Me: yeah possibly
Andrew: or something cool like race to arm/disarm bombs around the city
Andrew: lots of things that don't involve the horrible guns
Me: ooh yeah, i like that
Me: a big jungle gym

Maybe multiplayer's not a bad idea, after all, if handled correctly. What do you think?


Electronic Arts Believes Mirror's Edge Suffered From Lack Of Multiplayer


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