Analysis: May 2009 NPD Hardware Sales -- PlayStation 3 Rises, Xbox Holds Steady


Posted June 11, 2009 - By r_pad

It's that time of the month -- time for NPD Group's console sales figures for May 2009! As some of you know, the business is entering a "slow" period. Hardware sales have been declining sharply for the last two months. Let's see if May's numbers continued the trend. Here are the consoles sales figure for May, with last month's numbers in parenthesis.

  • Nintendo DS: 633,500 (down from 1,040,000)
  • Nintendo Wii: 289,500 (down from 340,000)
  • Xbox 360: 175,000 (same as last month)
  • PlayStation 3: 131,000 (up from 127,000)
  • PlayStation 2: 117,000 (down from 172,000)
  • PlayStation Portable: 100,400 (down from 116,000)

The sharp drop in DS sales isn't a surprise. Remember, the DSi launched in April and a lot of gamers rushed out to get the new system. Wii sales continue to decline, but with a cheaper price and more mainstream appeal than the competition, Nintendo's home system continues to best the competition.

The sharp drop in PlayStation 2 sales can also be chalked up to the PS2 price cut being "old". Surprisingly, Sony sold more PS3s in May than it did in April. Considering that May is a traditionally slow shopping month and economic conditions are still dire, an increase is impressive. Perhaps software had something to do it with (thankfully, Klepek is on the case for NPD software figures!); Sony did get a lot of press in May from its press events and Infamous had fantastic word of mouth. As much as I adore the guys and gals at Sucker Punch, I don't think Infamous is a system seller. The drop in PSP sales is more in line with the typical "summer slump".

As for Microsoft, it's commendable that it was able to maintain pace with the 360. The question for all three console manufacturers is whether they can continue to tread water this summer. Perhaps a further slide is inevitable, so the goal might be to control the drop off.

As always, I want to know what your thoughts are on May's NPD numbers. Any theories on the PS3 increase? Will June's figures be uglier or similar?

Analysis: May 2009 NPD Hardware Sales -- PlayStation 3 Rises, Xbox Holds Steady


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