G4 Staff's Top 5 E3 Highlights, Part 1


Posted June 10, 2009 - By Andrew Pfister

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Now that we've had proper time to recover and dwell upon the week that was, it comes time for the impossible task: narrowing down E3 2009 to just five favorite things. We asked the X-Play and G4tv.com staffers to disconnect from the hive mind and come up with their individual lists, with only one rule: there are no rules.*

*(Excluding the rule that limits it to five.)

In alphabetical order and split into two parts, beacuse that's how the Nerd Army marches. Check back with TheFeed tomorrow for Part 2...

Billy Berghammer

Director, Gaming Editorial, G4tv.com

5. Diet Mountain Dew -- Still the one thing that powers my soul and keeps me sane during E3. It's the nectar of gods.

4. Alan Wake -- Granted, the game was announced eons ago, but I think Remedy is going to tear up the formula for survival horror gameplay. Capcom should keep an eye on this one for ways to freshen up Resident Evil.
3. Left 4 Dead 2 -- Screw the haters. While I personally want Half-Life 2: Episode 3 more, I'll take more Zombie blasting co-op action any day.

2. Heavy Rain -- This was my game of the show last year for both E3 and Games Convention, and the latest demo doesn't dissapoint. Sony may have one heck of a time marketing this puppy, but it's my second most anticipated PS3 game of the year behind...

1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves -- Holy crap! I loved the first game and the Naughty Dogs look like they're going to crush it with the sequel. I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves screenshot


Jake Gaskill

Feed Writer, G4tv.com

5. Split/Second -- When it comes to big-things-go-boom racing games, Split/Second looks to be second to none. The level of devastation that I witnessed just in the brief time I had with the game was simply staggering, and left me thoroughly impressed.

4. The Last Guardian -- Again, this is another one that we saw prior to E3, but any game that can bring to the verge of tears just in the trailer (in addition to looking unbelievable in every way) easily deserves a spot in my top 5.

3. Assassin's Creed 2 -- Renaissance Venice, Da Vinci as your personal Q, and swimming? If that isn't enough to sell you on this game, then you have an icy, icy heart, sir.

2. Splinter Cell: Conviction -- I've been a fan of the franchise since the beginning, and seeing Mr. Fisher back in action after so many false starts and delays was fantastic. Plus, I just can't get enough of seeing info and objectives projected on the environments. I'm a simple man, I guess.

1. Brütal Legend -- Sure we'd seen it plenty of times before E3, but to finally get to play my most anticipated game of the year was easily one of most satisfying and enjoyable parts of the show.

Brutal Legend screenshot


Abbie Heppe

Editorial Manager, X-Play

5. Lines for the women's room -- None. Not one line. It's pristine in there, too. Plus we have couches, massaging foot spas and a Ben & Jerry's. This is true of all nerdcon women's rooms, unless you go to Comic Con...then it smells terrible and a scantily clad Tauren steals the last of the toilet paper.

4. Trailers for games I can only speculate on -- I'm still a bit staggered by seeing Team Ninja and Metroid in the same game trailer, but I have faith in Metroid: Other M. I'm also batshit excited for "Jump on Buildings and Collect Orbs 2" shown at the MS press conference, I guess other people call it Crackdown. Whatever, I'm going to play it till my hands bleed.

3. Brütal Legend -- It's not often that I want to play a game for the writing alone, but it happens. Also, I ****ing hate porcupines. Did you know they pee on each other before they mate? Look it up. 

2. Games that need no introduction -- Do you really care what anyone has to say about Modern Warfare 2, God of War 3 or The Beatles: Rock Band? I guess, but there's nothing short of announcing they'll all feature Miles "Tails" Prower that would stop me from playing them, a lot, and even then...

1. Left 4 Dead 2 -- With a new take on special infected, level design, a new mode coming and the long list of improvements Valve has made to an already spectacular game, I'm sold. Attn: boycotters, I'm going to be playing one of the most fun games this fall and you aren't. Who's smart now, diaper babies?

Left 4 Dead 2 screenshot


Stephen Johnson

Lead Editor, G4tv.com

5. Star Wars: The Old Republic -- After dropping out of World of Warcraft becase it sucked away my life, I vowed never to play another MMO. Star Wars: The Old Republic has me re-thinking my position. Who needs a life anyway?

4. Heavy Rain -- This "mature" game might prove an artistic leap forward for the entire medium of video games.

3. Mass Effect 2 -- BioWare's sequel to the hit sci-fi RPG promises more dynamic combat and a complicated storyline, plus the E3 presentation featured a massive spoiler… I won't reveal it, but it's pretty huge.

2. The Beatles: Rock Band -- The Beatles: Rock Band is exactly what I expected it to be, and I expected the best music game ever made.

1. Scribblenauts -- This DS game came out of nowhere, but it's super, double-extra awesome – probably the sleeper hit of the entire show.


Matt Keil

Sr. Producer, X-Play

5. Metroid: Other M -- Admittedly we don't know much about this one yet, but the trailer shown was exactly what a modern Metroid game should be. Samus is one of the quintessential videogame badasses, and with Team Ninja at the helm, she may finally get to show off a bit. The shot where she blasts the alien monster in the face while pinning him with a headlock is pure gold.
4. Scribblenauts -- The sheer creativity of this game would be surprising from just about anyone other than 5th Cell. The sheer number of words it knows and can implement is amazing. Anything from time machines to pitchforks to Cthulhu himself can be summoned to aid in the puzzle-solving. Utterly charming, and unlike anything else on the floor.

3. Star Wars: The Old Republic -- Aside from having the best trailer at E3 2009, this is the MMO with the most promise, at least for my money. The emphasis on story and dialogue is refreshing, as long as they can keep it interesting, and the cover system for the Smuggler class indicates that there will be more classes worth playing than just Jedi and Sith.

2. Mass Effect 2 -- As a Mass Effect fan, I went into the Mass Effect 2 presentation interested to see what the next installment was all about, but I walked out utterly blown away by what BioWare has accomplished. The graphics are a leap beyond what the first game boasted, and the movement and physical acting in the conversations may finally put an end to the infamous BioWare Conversation Stand. Plus, someone is finally making good on the character import feature that Shenmue 2 promised but never delivered.

1. The Last Guardian -- Team Ico has made two of my favorite games of all time, and there's no reason to think their third game will be any less excellent. The gryphon looks absolutely real, and I'm already worried they're going to kill it off at the end, but this is probably my most anticipated game in existence right now. Hopefully we get to play it before 2011.

The Last Guardian Trailer



Patrick Klepek

News Editor, G4tv.com

5. Mass Effect 2 -- Mass Effect 2 doesn't just look like a sequel; it looks like the game Mass Effect should have been. Combat, visuals, dialogue -- it's all been given the layer of polish you expect in a sequel. The dark story is what takes Mass Effect 2 to the next level.

4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves -- As someone who loved everything but the last third of Uncharted, my sequel anticipation was based on cautious optimism. It's hard to tell what the balance between combat and platforming is in Uncharted 2, but the E3 demo was spot-on.

3. Borderlands -- Before Gearbox overhauled the art in Borderlands, it was definitely on people's radar -- but it was low. With the new visual upgrade, Borderlands has an opportunity to be the surprise original game of 2009. I want to see more. Now.

2. Brütal Legend -- This could be a terrible game and I'd still play it because of Tim Schafer's writing. Thankfully, Double Fine appears to be stepping up their game mechanics in Brutal Legend; it's not only hilarious, but the combat's entertaining, too.

1. Splinter Cell: Conviction  -- I tried to enjoy Splinter Cell on Xbox, but Ubisoft's stealth series was always too hardcore for me. Splinter Cell: Conviction proposes a new balance between action and stealth -- and has a potentially revolutionary way of conveying story, too.

What's on your Top 5 list?


G4 Staff's Top 5 E3 Highlights, Part 1


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