Tomonobu Itagaki Wishes Team Ninja Good Luck With New Metroid Game


Posted June 9, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

Tomonobu Itagaki Wishes Team Ninja Good Luck On New Metroid Game

Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki’s nasty fallout (and subsequent legal battle) with his former employer Tecmo over unpaid completion bonuses was one of the more surprising events in recent gaming history. And while Itagaki certainly has plenty to feel bitter, frustrated and upset about with regards to his former employer, he appears to hold no ill will towards his old development team, Team Ninja.

During an interview with 1UP, Itagaki was asked about the upcoming Team Ninja-developed Metroid: The Other M for the Wii, and he responded:

Metroid is a fantastic game that I played a lot on the Disk System when I was a child. I also know Mr. Sakamoto, the producer at Nintendo, very well. He fathered Samus Aran. He's been making games since I was a child, so he's a veteran I really respect. I think [Yosuke] Hayashi will learn a lot working with him. I hope Team Ninja works hard in making a good game.”

Ok. So it’s not the most glowing of blessings, but it sounds genuine enough. And considering that Itagaki’s beef was with Tecmo, not his former team, the kind words are hardly surprising. When asked about his own super-secret project, Itagaki was understandably dodgy on the details. However, I for one hold no grudges against Mr. Itagaki for remaining tightlipped about his next game, and I wish nothing but the best for him in the future.


Tomonobu Itagaki Wishes Team Ninja Good Luck With New Metroid Game


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