World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Available This Month


Posted June 9, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

World of Warcraft Mountain Dew

Whether you need extra energy while raiding Ironforge, or you just want to stay awake longer when you're grinding 85 million Furbolgs, Pepsico has just the drink for you: World of Warcraft-themed Mountain Dew.

The new Dew comes in two exciting colors: Horde Red and Alliance Blue, so you'll be able to indicate your allegiance through your soft drink choice. The brightly colored, carbonated sugar-water will be available in stores near you this month and will be available throughout the summer.  Check out the official site for details, a contest, and other soft-drink promotional materials.

A careful analysis of the nutritional information reveals that The Horde's Citrus Cherry flavored concoction contains 10 more calories than The Alliance's Wild Fruit flavor. This is because The Horde is clearly superior and can handle the extra calories, where The Alliance just aren't extreme enough to deal. Also:  Judging by the flavor choices, Pepsico is clearly indicating The Alliance are a bunch of wild fruits.

Mountain Dew has long been associated with gaming in the popular consciousness, but personally, I never drink the stuff. I prefer either coffee or gin. I'm probably revealing personal information here, but some of my fellow G4-ians have been downing a ton of five-hour energy drink lately. What about you? What's your gaming beverage of choice, and do you think the stereotypes of gamers as having unhealthy diets is true? Like some stereotypes, I think there's some definite accuracy at the bottom of this one: Last week was E3, and I'm telling you, that convention center was packed with unhealthy people. Still, I wonder if it was more unhealthy than the rest of the country. People in the U.S are really putting on pounds, know what I mean?

World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Available This Month


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