Cooking Mama 3 Preview From E3 2009

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Posted June 5, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

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Cooking Mama 3

I'm not huge into the Cooking Mama franchise. I've played the games a few times, and enjoyed 'em, but it's not like I go home and hang out and make crepes with Mama every night or anything -- I reserve my culinary Mama-interactions for special occasions. In order to do my preview of Majesco's Cooking Mama 3 justice, I called on the expert help of G4tv.com's newest celebrity superstar -- Intern Meg -- and asked her to make a recipe with me and talk about the game. 

Meg and I busted out the demo DS and made marshmallows together, the only recipe in the E3 2009 build of Cooking Mama 3. Each step in the mallow-making process was represented. First you separate the egg whites with a gentle-stylus shaking motion, then you mix in the sugar with a spoon-swirling minigame, then you heat up the mixture by matching temperatures on the stovetop, then you get out the electric mixer and fluff it into the right consistency. Pop the gunk into molds, throw the shaped marshmallows on a plate, then stick them onto skewers with a minigame where you spear each delicious treat and try to avoid hitting dog bones. Stick the skewers in the ground, and roast 'em on a fire then, blam! Delicious toasted marshmallows. I was sad I couldn't actually eat the food we made. I tried licking the Nintendo DS, but it just tasted like electronics and nerd sweat.

Here's what Intern Meg had to say about Cooking Mama 3:

"Cooking Mama 3 has a bigger variety of skills in the recipes you make than the last two games. The previous games were very similar to one another, but this one has new and different ways to test your skills. There's more variety in tasks for doing recipes. It's more realistic and more challenging this time around.

Majesco said that Mama was a little less strict and more helpful in this version of the game, but I didn't really notice it in the demo. She still pretty much just grades you for your performance and shoots you an evil look when you mess up the food.

It's a little more challenging this time around, but it's really fun. Very interactive. Also, I got a sweet E3 swag sticker from this game so I love it."

Thank you, Intern Meg. The game comes out in the Fall exclusively on the DS.

Cooking Mama 3 Preview From E3 2009


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