Fat Princess PSP E3 2009 Preview: More Modes, More Levels, And Singleplayer

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Posted June 4, 2009 - By r_pad

Fat Princess PSP E3 2009 Preview: More Modes, More Levels, And Single Player

Fat Princess for PlayStation 3 is one of my most anticipated PlayStation Network games. With gameplay that reminds me of Team Fortress and graphics that remind me of Animal Crossing, it's a unique blend of action, teamwork, cute characters, and blood (cute, hilarious blood, that is). When I found out that it was heading to the PlayStation Portable (PSP) as well, I was intrigued. I checked out the game at Sony's E3 2009 booth and gathered some additional details for my preview of Fat Princess PSP.

The E3 preview build featured two levels from the PS3 version and two original levels. I got to play the original levels. The designs were similar, but didn't quite feel optimal for a multiplayer game (there's a reason for that). The gameplay was just like the excellent PS3 version I enjoyed back at GDC 2009. However, the PSP build was definitely rough around the edges. There was a lot of stuttering and clipping going on. Hopefully the developers will have those issues solved for this game's Fall 2009 release, because one of the things that makes the PS3 version work so well is that the action is smooth and seamless.

The game will have six original levels, in addition to the ones from the PS3 version. It will also have four new play modes. Up to eight players can participate in multiplayer sessions. Both ad-hoc and infrastructure modes will be supported.

As to why the new levels puzzled me a bit: they'll be used for a brand-new singleplayer mode! This addition totally makes sense for the Western audience. I can't imagine Western customers buying an entirely multiplayer game for a portable system (you know...like the way Japanese gamers love Monster Hunter). The multiplayer mode will have an original story, full of scripted events. It will be mission-based, with goals like defeating a dragon. On the practical side, this mode will teach the basic mechanics and character classes of Fat Princess. Singleplayer mode should be roughly six to eight hours.

Fat Princess for PSP should be a fun game that brings the excellent action of the PS3 version to the portable world. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the singleplayer mode, as well as how fast the action is over a WiFi connection. Hopefully the technical issues I noticed will be smoothed over next time I see the game.

Fat Princess PSP E3 2009 Preview: More Modes, More Levels, And Singleplayer


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