wipEout HD Fury Preview From E3 2009

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Posted June 3, 2009 - By Paul Semel

wipEout HD Fury

Earlier today, when Joe, Sterling and I were walking around Sony’s booth, trying to decide who would write about what games, I saw that there was a new Wipeout, sorry wipEout, on display. “Mine!” I called (though, thankfully, no one heard me being that guy.) And while it isn’t really a new game, it’s just an expansion for wipEout HD, I’m sorry, but I’m still going to write about it. And you’re going to read it.

Luckily, there’s a lot to be written about this expansion, dubbed wipEout HD Fury, as it not only includes four new tracks (two each adapted from the PSP games Wipeout Pure and Wipeout Pulse), but thirteen new vehicles, including one that looks like it has wings. No, scratch that, wiiings, since the way this ship has been decorated all red and yellowy makes it look like it's sponsored by Red Bull.

The big new thing is that Fury adds three new game modes, even if two of them are variations on “Zone.” “Detonator” is basically “Zone” but with weapons, while “Zone Battle” changes the objective, with the winner being the racer who gets up to the desired zone level.

But the best one is “Eliminator,” in which the idea is not to finish first, but to get the most points. And you get the most points by hurting people. Which might seem easy if you’re in the back of the pack, since most of the weapons in wipEout HD shoot forward, leaving those in first place to only use the mines. Except that in “Eliminator,” you can hit L1, which will flip your ship around so you can blast anyone behind you. Of course, this means you’re also going the wrong way, but if that’s what you have to do to hurt people, then so be it.

Oh, and yes, these new modes will come with their own trophies.

wipEout HD Fury Preview From E3 2009

wipEout HD Fury is currently slated to be released on the PlayStation Network before the end of the summer, though a more exact date and a price hasn’t been decided. Sony are also planning to release a version of wipEout HD that comes with Fury and the updates that have been released for the game in one nice package, for those of you who didn’t yell “Mine” when the game originally came out last September. And while Fury does serve as a painful reminder that Sony still hasn’t released a real, truly new Wipeout for the PS3 yet — heck, they haven’t even said whether they ever will — any Wipeout, even just a little one with weird capitalization, is welcome.

wipEout HD Fury Preview From E3 2009


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