Lost Planet 2 Preview

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Posted June 3, 2009 - By Paul Semel

Lost Planet 2 Preview

It says something about the game Lost Planet 2 that — after seeing it in Monte Carlo, and playing it in an upscale hotel in Hollywood — Capcom can show it in a nondescript meeting room at E3, and it still looks good. Though it also says something about a game that — after getting a demonstration of it by its developers, and getting to play it two weeks later — we could see it for a third time at E3 and still learn something new about it. Or maybe that’s just PR.

Either way, when we got to see Lost Planet 2 for the third time in two months at E3 today, we were still impressed with it. This time out, a representative from Capcom and one of the company’s new interns (welcome to the industry, dude) showed off a level that’s both been featured in a trailer and in one of our previous demos, except they played it co-op style.

In this part of the game, four soldiers are steering a rubber military raft with a motor on the back to the edge of a swampy jungle. At first it was just a walk in the woods, with the occasional bug to contend with, but nothing too harsh. That is, until they got to a clearing, and were attacked by a giant crabby spider. Or would that be a giant spidery crab. Oh, who cares, the damn thing was big and scary, and in need of a beat down, which our pals gave him posthaste.

Lost Planet 2 Preview

One thing they pointed out, which we hadn’t noticed before, was that some of the smaller trees can be destroyed by your gunfire. And while the larger ones are immune, and the smaller ones can’t actually be used to distract someone or hurt them (unlike real life, where falling branches really smart), they did say that there would be things in the game that you would be able to shoot until they explode, with said explosions taking out enemies. Though these exploding things would not, oddly, include red barrels. Apparently some people have no respect for clichés.

They also pointed out that, at one point in their walk in the woods, you could look to one side and see our old pal Salmondo. He says "Hi."

Lost Planet 2 Preview

But the most interesting new thing we learned from this demo (sorry Salmondo) was that by hitting Y and the left trigger, you can switch from grenades to thermal energy, and can then toss bits of thermal energy to your cohorts. They can then use the thermal energy to heal themselves. And while some might think it best to be greedy with the thermal energy, keeping it all for themselves, we’d like to point out that the odds of surviving a run-in with Salmondo or one of his bossy brethren is definitely better when there’s four of you than when you’re on your own.

Thus ended our third demo of Lost Planet 2. We’re not sure when we’ll have our next chance to see the game, but with it not due to come out until next year, we’re a little scared to think of how many times we’re going to come up with another excuse to mention Salmondo.

Lost Planet 2 Preview


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