Wii Sports Resort Preview

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Posted June 2, 2009 - By Paul Semel

Though it certainly got a boost from coming free with every Wii, Wii Sports still holds up as one of that system's better, and more enduring games. Now Nintendo is readying a sequel, Wii Sports Resort, which we got to playtest, albeit ever so briefly, at Nintendo’s E3 booth. 

Wii Sports Resort Trailer


Wii Sports Resort and Wii Motion Plus Trailer »


The idea of the game is that your Miis have decided to take a vacation at an island resort, one that offers quite a few activities to enjoy (including, for some odd reason, skydiving as a means of getting to the island).

While Resort has quite a few more minigames that Wii Sports, not all of them are new. Or, to be more accurate, not all of them are entirely new. The game includes “Table Tennis,” “Golf,” and “Bowling,” and they play exactly like “Tennis,” “Golf,” and “Bowling” did in Wii Sports, respectfully (though “Golf” does include new courses). Except that because of the Wii MotionPlus add-on — which attaches to the bottom of your Wiimote, and comes with Resort — all are a bit more accurate and responsive than their predecessors.

Not surprisingly, even the new minigames still have that Wii Sports feel. When you play the 3-point shootout part of “Basketball,” for example, you move the Wiimote like you would a basketball, hold the "B" button to grab the ball and then, moving the Wiimote like your gym teacher in grade school showed you, release the button to shoot.

This same motion is done in the other “Basketball” mode, a 3-on-3 pick-up game, except you also have to shake the Wiimote to make your Mii dribble, and hit the “A” button or the directional pad to pass it to the teammate who has the “A” or the directional pad icon floating above their heads. You can then hit that same icon to get them to pass it back to you, you ball hog. You can even try and steal the ball when you’re on defense by waggling the Wiimote. Though since you don’t move your guy around, it’s sometimes hard to get into a good position to intercept a pass or to shoot once you’ve stolen the ball.

Another fun activity is “Archery." While holding down the “A” button, you position the Wiimote vertically, like you would a bow. Then, while holding down the “Z” button, you move the Nunchuck back like you’re pulling on the string, releasing the button to send your arrow flying into the target. Or, if you’re me, nowhere near the target.

It’s hard to say whether Wii Sports Resort will do as well as, or having the staying power of, its predecessor. But with some fun activities, and a Wii MotionPlus in every box, we know some Miis that will be very happy to go on this trip when Resort is released on July 26.

Wii Sports Resort Preview


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