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Posted June 2, 2009 - By Paul Semel

A few weeks after showcasing the “Limbo” level at their pre-E3 event, Electronic Arts unveiled a second level of Dante’s Inferno at E3. And while it didn’t do much to dissuade us from thinking this game owes a lot to God of War, it also didn’t do much to dissuade us from thinking it was going to be a fun game as well.

Set further in the game, the demo took us to the fifth circle of hell, “Anger,” which had more of the fire and brimstone commonly associated with underworld real estate. When the level begins, you’re riding a boat on the river Styx, and being attacked by these giant bee-like creatures who shoot fireballs. Luckily, you’re adept enough at this point to block their attacks while also jumping up to smack them down. 

Dante's Inferno E3 2009 Trailer


Dante's Inferno E3 2009 Trailer »

Then, after something happens that will make Terry Gilliam fans happy, you face off against a rather humungous boss, who not only likes punching the ground where you may or may not be standing, but he also has quite a few smaller friends who will attack you without provocation as well. Though with every enemy getting their own kill moves — both a move they can kill you with as well as a special attack you can do to kill them — the game doesn’t look like it will get redundant anytime soon.


It was here that we got to see a previously seen enemy, a rather portly lady who would’ve been scarier, had she not made me think of Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence if they were in a fat suit and the movie called for a nude scene. It also didn’t help that one of her attacks involved vomiting.

It also didn’t help that the aforementioned giant wasn’t someone you attacked, at least not right away, and instead would continue to bash the ground as you progressed.

We also got to meet Beatrice, a queen of Hell who, if her outfit is any indication, has no issues about her body. How she fits into the game’s story, however, was left for another day.

Even so, when attacking or being attacked by other adversaries, the game still looks quite fun. Especially at the end, when the demo concluded with the image of our hero, on the back of some horrible creature, striding down a road towards what looked like a big city that was surrounded by high walls. Though what we’ll find there — er, rather, what we’ll hack & slash — that, friends, will have to wait for another day. And another demo.

Dante's Inferno Preview


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