Coolest Things Of E3 2009 - Day 1


Posted June 2, 2009 - By Andrew Pfister

It's a little late, but a lot happened yesterday that we needed to wrap our heads around. Plus, technology can be a real jerk sometimes. Anyways, what follows is just what we thought was "cool" during the opening press conferences, and by no means "the best" of anything. We're saving that for later, so keep your arguments warming in the oven until then. Without further ado, here's the G4tv.com Nerd Army E3 Battle Report, Day 1.

Brian Leahy, Games Editor

I think the coolest thing of the day was actually the Facebook Connect integration for Xbox Live. While it isn’t a game, it’s a big deal for making the social aspect of Live even more ubiquitous. It’s a good partnership that will offer a lot of exposure for the Xbox 360 on Facebook. Your move, Sony.

Facebook/Xbox Live Partnership

Paul Semel, Freelance Writer

The meeting of the minds: I, unfortunately, didn't witness this, but the coolest thing I could've seen during E3 today would've been backstage at the Microsoft press conference, when Hideo Kojima and Steven Spielberg met. Man, to be a fly on the wall during that conversation. Especially if they both then went to talk to Paul McCartney and Ringo Star about redoing the song "Snake Eater" for the Spielberg-directed Metal Gear Solid movie, starring Tony Hawk as Solid Snake and....Okay, that would be dumb, but to listen in as Spielberg and Kojima have a mutual admiration society, that would be something.

Hideo Kojima E3 2009

Raymond Padilla, Managing News Editor

Outside of James Cameron talking about 10-foot tall blue people and 1,000-foot trees the thing that impressed me the most was Microsoft's Facebook and Twitter announcements. These are two immensely popular social networking services that are used by millions of people. Integrating these services into the Xbox 360 makes it an extremely interesting machine. It's one thing to have a self-contained network of users, but opening a console up to two of today's most popular social networking services is huge. While I wish the Microsoft presser had more games -- especially first party -- that I was interested in, its Facebook and Twitter partnership announcements were undeniably impressive.

Joe Rybicki, Freelance Writer

Splinter Cell: Conviction: You know, as cool as it was to see Paul and Ringo, for some reason when I think back over today's press conferences the thing that sticks with me is Splinter Cell: Conviction. Seeing designers basically thumb their nose at conventions of game storytelling -- by projecting "cinemas" on the backdrops of interactive scenes, splaying mission objectives across buildings, and using color and black and white as more than just stylistic touches -- is enormously refreshing. Plus: Sam Fisher + Speed + Brutality = Metric assload of awesome.

But yeah, OK, seeing Paul and Ringo was pretty friggin' cool, too.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction E3 2009

Andrew Pfister, Sr. Games Editor

The coolest thing of little professional consequence today was seeing Joel McHale, Pele, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Yoko Ono, and the two surviving Beatles on various stages throughout the day. But as far as gaming goes, I'm equally creeped out and intrigued by Peter Molyneux's Milo experiment. The physical demonstrations of what Project "Natal" can do were convincing enough, but the potential for more "meaningful" interactions is very exciting. (Even if it ends up only partially fulfilled.) Call me cautiously optimistic.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr at E3 2009

Patrick Klepek, News Editor

Splinter Cell's Visual Storytelling: Watching companies devise new and unique ways to drop traditional game interfaces has been a sometimes amusing process of trial and error. There's nothing laughable about what Ubisoft is doing with Splinter Cell: Conviction, though. The decision to move game objectives, background details and other information that would otherwise break the flow of gameplay into on-screen narrative may be nothing short of revolutionary.

Coolest Things Of E3 2009 - Day 1


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