iPhone Version Of Doom Classic Due Out Next Month


Posted May 28, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

iPhone Version Of Doom Classic Due Out Next Month

It’s been a good day for id fans. This morning, it was revealed that the new Wolfenstein has an August 4 release date. And now, it looks as though the iPhone version of Doom Classic is coming along nicely, and should be in your demon-blasting hands sometime next month.

As Shacknews reports, Doom creator and tech-god John Carmack says that bringing his classic FPS to the iPhone has been a “more serious effort” than the “quickie project” that brought Wolfenstein 3D Classic to Apple’s handheld. Carmack goes on to reassure fans, saying:

“With the speed (a solid 30 fps, even in the more aggressive later levels), the audio, the resolution, and the rendering quality, it is Doom as you remember it, which is quite a bit better than it actually was.”

The iPhone version will also include WiFi multiplayer initially, followed later with Bluetooth support. Carmack explains that 3G multiplayer isn’t in the cards right now due to network limitations, and given that the game is expected to come in at over 10 megabytes, it looks like it's WiFi all the way for the short term.

So all in all, it looks and sounds as though id is sitting on yet another brilliant reissue of a classic.

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iPhone Version Of Doom Classic Due Out Next Month