Capcom: Western-Developed Resident Evil Game "Absolutely" Possible


Posted May 28, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Resident Evil 5

When asked by website Planet Resident Evil about the possibility of a Resident Evil game developed by a Western company, Chris Kramer, Senior Director of Communications and Community at Capcom, said it was "absolutely" possible that a Resident Evil game could come from the West.

Capcom has already allowed a Western company to develop the latest Bionic Commando game as well as Dead Rising 2, and Kramer says there are more games in in store, including, perhaps, a Resident Evil game:

"As we go forward and do more games along the lines of Bionic Commando, I think you’re going to see the company open itself up more to developers outside of Japan. So is it possible that some day a Resident Evil game could be done by western developers? Absolutely. We don’t have anything in the works now, but the kind of groundwork that has been laid by Resident Evil and Dead Rising 2 are definitely moving us and the company in a direction where those idea wouldn’t be so foreign."

But is it a good idea? Do you think the Resident Evil series would be served by being done by a Western developer? Personally, I fear that a Resident Evil game made in the West would devolve into just another shooter, but with zombies, and that would truly be a shame. The game's Japanese-ness adds to its effectiveness, even though some aspects of the games (like, say, Resident Evil 5's controls) make people angry. So perhaps starting slow, with some kind of Resident

Evil spin-off series would be the way to go. What do you think? Would the series be improved if Capcom hired a Western developer to make the next game? If so, what changes could they make to move the series forward?


Capcom: Western-Developed Resident Evil Game "Absolutely" Possible


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