New Zeebo Gaming Console Now Available In Brazil


Posted May 26, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

New Digital Distribution-Based Zeebo Console Available In BrazilIf you live in Brazil, then chances are you've caught Zeebo fever; not to be confused with that Brazilian purpuric fever that reportedly broke out a little while ago, which has little if anything to do with videogame consoles.

Techtoy's newly released cell phone-tech powered gaming console lets users play games (ranging from $3-$13) from previous generations of consoles and platforms that can be downloaded thanks to the console's free 3G-powered connection. The Zeebo costs about $200 (with lower prices expected in other markets) and, as Engadget reports, it comes with FIFA 2009, Need for Speed Carbon and Brain Training installed, and includes three credits that can be used to download Prey Evil, Quake and Quake II for free.

At this point, the console is only available in Brazil, but Techtoy is expected to expand distribution to other countries over the next few years as it continues to target middle-income families in developing markets. Given the dominance, availability and relative affordability of the big three consoles here in the U.S., don't expect to see the Zeebo in your local game shop anytime soon. I guess all we can do now is wonder whether the console will fail or not.

Well? Wonder away.


New Zeebo Gaming Console Now Available In Brazil