'inFamous' Gets Flashy Browser-Based Mini-Game


Posted May 22, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

'inFamous' Gets Flashy Browser-Based Mini-Game

Keeping with the long and storied (aka fairly recent) tradition of high profile titles being released in browser-based mini-game form (Portal, Mirror's Edge), Sony has announced the release of a browser-based mini-game version of the upcoming PS3 exclusive inFamous.

The less flashy web version of inFamous lets players experience a brief, yet morally treacherous, chapter in main character Cole's electrifying adventure. Your objective, spread out over three levels, is to reach a power generator located atop an abandoned house in Empire City.

At the start of the game, you must choose whether you will use your powers for good or evil, and your actions will influence your karma meter as you go along (killing civilians = evil, helping civilians = good). You can hurl bolts of electricity, rejuvenate incapacitated citizens with your defibrillator-esque hands, as well as perform various other combat and platforming maneuvers also found in the PS3 version.

The controls are a bit wonky, and the action isn't all that exciting, but it does sport some nice physics-based puzzle elements and the electricity effects are nicely done. Plus, the added morality system pushes it beyond your typical mindless Flash game.

For anyone looking to take a break from counting the minutes until inFamous is released on Tuesday, the game is a decent distraction that will certainly whet your appetite for the full game. Also, be sure to check out X-Plays preview of the game if you feel like punishing yourself even more.


'inFamous' Gets Flashy Browser-Based Mini-Game


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