Oh, Noes! Fox Station Breaks Secret Code Of Internet Youth


Posted May 21, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson


The jig is up, internet kiddies: The local Fox affiliate in Atlanta has cracked your important code and is sharing the info with The Man. As a public service to parents worried about their children's texting habits, MyFox Atlanta has posted a list of the 50 most popular acronyms "commonly used on the internet and in text messages." They must have done a lot of research, because these are ranked in order of popularity! So next time you type "MOOS, GYPO" into our comment section, Mom and Dad will know exactly what you said:  "Member of the opposite sex, get your pants off."

Being active members of the information super-highway patrol and avid hackers of mainframes, I'm sure you already know all these terms forward and backward, but other commonly used abbreviations Fox cited include the 17th most used acronym, "FOL: Fond of Leather," number 21 "IF/IB: In the front or in the back;" number 10 "Banana: P*nis;" and coming in at number 36,  "NALOPKT: Not a lot of people know that."

This list is a godsend for parents trying to understand their children, but we here at G4 don't think it's complete enough, so please invite your folks to your computer so they can add these common internet acronyms to their internet-to-English dictionaries:

  • FOR : Fond of Rayon.
  • SSIFWF : Stabbing self in face with fork.
  • IWLAGOPS: I would like a gross of peener shorts.
  • YAVNPBIDTIARFARRN: You're a very nice person, but I don't think I am ready for a relationship right now.
  • LCWFC: Luring children with free candy.
  • DHIMP: Doctor, how is my prostate?
  • CTNHBD: Can't talk now, house burning down.
  • PWQMUFA: Parents watching! Quick, make up fake acronyms.
  • LOL: Lunching on lemon-cake.

So, reader, help the parents of the internet, and add your own acronym in our comment section. The funniest entry, determined by my whim, will get some swag we have sitting around our office!


Oh, Noes! Fox Station Breaks Secret Code Of Internet Youth


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