X-Play: 'Terminator Salvation' Review


Posted May 20, 2009 - By Dana Leahy

X-Play: 'Terminator Salvation' Review

When X-Men Origins: Wolverine hit screens and shelves last month, a strange thing happened. The movie got lukewarm reviews, while the game received glowing recommendations. Wolverine was fun and well-rounded, which, based on the track record of previous movie/game tie-ins, left everyone pleasantly surprised.

Lightening did not strike twice with Terminator Salvation. X-Play's James Youngblood writes: 

"It’s a shame that developers choose the safe and easy route rather than try to make their own mark on the series. As it is now, the scope of Salvation feels more like a side mission of something much bigger. There’s no build up to a final battle or deep insight into how a boy from the valley became the last hope for mankind. This cutscene-heavy shooter wants to be the movie, but falls short in nearly every way."

Click here to see the Terminator Salvation's score, read the rest of the review and watch the video.

X-Play: 'Terminator Salvation' Review


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