'Marvel Super Hero Squad’ Impressions'


Posted May 28, 2009 - By Paul Semel

Based on the toys that have since inspired a comic book series and an upcoming animated show on the Cartoon Network, THQ’s Marvel Super Hero Squad game for the Wii is a beat-’em-up that basically turns Iron Man, Wolverine, and other iconic comic book characters into, well, Muppet Babies. But while comic-loving adults will think this sounds as appealing as an Hulk/Grey’s Anatomy crossover, comic-loving kids might actually get a kick out of it, especially if their dad plays with them.

Like every other beat-’em-up, this game has you running from one fisticuff to another. Except this game is meant to be played co-op, so you’re not on your own, you’re always paired with another character. You can also combine your attacks, and while they didn’t show us any specific examples, we’re assuming that if you’re playing as The Hulk, and your kid is playing as Wolverine, you can toss the kid into an enemy just like you tossed him into the pool last summer.

The game actually boasts up to twenty Marvel characters, including all the ones you’d expect, and a couple you might have to explain to your kid, such as Doctor Doom or Thor, with the action taking place such iconic Marvel locations as The Savage Land. All of the characters also do their own special character-specific attacks, though we have to say, making Wolverine an E For Everyone rated character (which is what we’re guessing this game will be rated) is kind of lame. And if you don’t believe me, go see his PG-13 rated movie and then we’ll talk.

They’ve even gotten some of the voice actors from the upcoming cartoon to do their character’s voices in this game as well, though they didn’t say whether such stars as Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), Lena Headey (300), Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), or Jennifer Morrison (House) were specifically in the game, or would be willing to come to my house to play the game with me. Y’know, for research.

Besides the story mode, the game also has a battle mode where you can beat the crap out of your kid when he doesn’t take out the garbage like he should. Though maybe not letting him play this game would be a better punishment.

As for the controls, though this game is on the Wii, you actually don’t spend a lot of time wiggling the Wiimote. Instead, the game plays like more of a button masher, with only the occasional wiggle to break up the monotony.

Ultimately, Marvel Super Hero Squad isn’t made for grown men who go to the comic book store every Wednesday, it’s for them to play with their kids. And in that regard, it looks like it could be a fun one. We’ll know more when the game is released later this year.

'Marvel Super Hero Squad’ Impressions'


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