'Team Fortress 2' Spies To Get New Guns


Posted May 19, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson


The geniuses over at Valve just keep the generosity flowing, whether it's the hysterical videos they give us to promote character changes, (check out the Meet the Spy video for great lulz) or their humorous reaction to an internet  leak of the Meet the Spy video, Valve just give great presents. Today's gift, though, is truly top-notch. Ladies and gentleman, please enjoy The Ambassador.

The spy's new weapon is a long-range pistol with the ammo count of a revolver and the accuracy of a sniper rifle. "Put two wheels on this thing and it's a cannon," Valve promises. The downside: A gat this huge has to cool down between shots, so try very hard not to miss. All that stuff is sweet, but the gun's coolest feature is strictly decorative. See that woman engraved in the on the barrel? According to Valve, she is "your enemy's Mom." Ooh, that's a diss!

When Team Fortress 2 is updated on the 21st, The Spy's Ambassador will be joined by two new Spy cloaking tools and a bow and arrow and nifty Tribal Shield for the Sniper. You can also look forward to a couple new maps and a new game mode.

See what I mean by generous? Are you going to rush to your PC to download this update, or have you left Team Fortress 2 behind in the dust because other, better games have come along since its release?


'Team Fortress 2' Spies To Get New Guns


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