SNL Sketch, 'MacGruber' To Become A Movie?


Posted May 19, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

SNL Sketch, 'MacGruber' To Become A Movie?

When caught in an interview at the George Foster Peabody Awards, Saturday Night Live overlord, Lorne Michaels commented on the possibility of a feature film adaptation of MacGruber. A current recurring sketch on the show, it is essentially a parody of 80's TV drama, MacGyver. However, unlike the iconic character, who uses unorthodox, everyday objects to create solutions for huge problems, "MacGruber" (played by Will Forte) seems to suffer from some form of ADD, as he just can't concentrate on the problem at hand, and ends up failing to deactivate the obligatory bomb in each episode. Much like Kenny on South Park (at least for a while), MacGruber seems to meet a violent, explosive demise in each episode, only to miraculously return in the next one without explanation.

However, technically, MacGruber was revealed to be MacGyver's son in a recent sketch where Richard Dean Anderson made a cameo. Whether or not that occurrence was legitimate "MacGyver canon" is something that would be left to argue among the tens of people who actually follow it that closely.

Let's break this down, here:

Elephant in the Room: The fact that this would be yet another SNL-themed film, which (let's face it) do not have the greatest of "win-loss records" as far as films are concerned. It's certainly no accident that we haven't had one released in quite a while. 

Brand Confusion:
New Line is planning to reboot the REAL MacGyver franchise with an all-new feature film. Should that project come to pass, then regardless of how successful it would be, we would have too many "Mac's" roaming around the box-office in a period of few years. And honestly, even if MacGyver is moderately successful, would the brand be popular enough to be able to get people in theaters to see some silly parody?

90 Minutes and ONE Joke?: Granted, this is where great writing comes to save the day. If you had gone up to an SNL fan in 1979 and said that there's going to be a Blues Brothers movie out next year, that person would probably wonder exactly HOW could one musical number sketch make a watchable film. Well, thanks to the combination of a funny script and some great Aykroyd/Belushi chemistry, The Blues Brothers ended up being one of the great comedies of all time. (And I would bet "four fried chickens and dry white toast" on that.) However, that film ended up being the most ideal situation for SNL spawn. While the first Wayne's World film would probably come in a respectable second place, there hasn't been anything even close to recreating that magic in SNL films. Probability does not seem to be a friend to MacGruber in this aspect.


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SNL Sketch, 'MacGruber' To Become A Movie?


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