"Meet The Spy" Video Leak Tearing Valve Apart?


Posted May 19, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

You may have heard about that Team Fortress 2 “Meet the Spy” video that was “leaked” over the weekend. If not, I highly recommend checking it out, and not just because it plays like an R-rated Pixar short. It’s just downright badass and hilarious.

Anyway, it turns out that innocent little leak has single-handedly brought Valve to a screeching halt, with pink slips being handed out like pink slips at a GM dealership. At this point, the company looks as though it could be headed for total collapse!

Don’t believe me? Check out what Valve’s Robin Walker says over at the official Team Fortress 2 blog:

“As many of you know, the 'Meet the Spy' video was leaked this weekend. Some of you on the forum have wondered if Valve leaked it on purpose. And until we find the clown who did leak it, the answer to that is yes.
Others of you have started a petition to stop Valve from firing anyone over the leak. Once again, this just goes to show you how valuable customer feedback is to us—we hadn't even thought of doing that, but once you see it there in print, it's a fantastic idea. I've been asking people all morning who was responsible and come up empty. But now that I've started firing people, they can't name names fast enough. So far I've got sixty-seven names in the 'suspicious' category, fifteen in 'very suspicious', and another forty-three I'd been wanting to fire anyway.
I'll keep you posted as I track down the culprit. Rest assured, though: Until I find the person responsible, I vow that Valve will stop work on all projects.”

Well, there you go. And you know, I understand that…what’s that?...Sarcasm? I thought that’s what happens to people when they run into Mr. Sark on the street…Ah, I see. Fair enough.

Oh, Valve. I mean really. As if those lovable scamps didn’t give you enough reasons to adore them, now they go and pull a funny like this. Good form, Valve. Good form.


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"Meet The Spy" Video Leak Tearing Valve Apart?


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