Swine Flu Could Keep Capcom Away From E3


Posted May 19, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

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With the number of worldwide cases of H1N1 Swine Flu approaching 10,000, it's natural that people are nervous, but it looks like Capcom Japan may be nervous enough to cancel its trip to E3 altogether. Capcom has already put the kibosh on top creative Kenji Inafune's trip to the Nordic Game Conference. A spokesperson for the conference said the cancellation was "due to corporate policy restricting foreign travel during the current influenza outbreak." This leaves E3 attendance in doubt.

According to Develop magazine, Capcom Japan is undecided on whether it will attend the Expo. A Capcom spokesperson told Develop : “I can’t tell you right now who from Capcom Japan is attending E3. A decision on who from Japan is coming will be made nearer the time.”

Even if Capcom Japan decides to send no one to E3, it doesn't mean Capcom the company will be absent from the show. US and UK teams will be attending the conference, so we won't be faced with an empty Capcom booth covered in cobwebs.

While I can totally understand the fear of a contagious disease spreading quickly at E3 (there are a lot of people packed in that convention center), I doubt it will be anything worse than the "nerd flu" that tends to afflict game addicts every time there's a big show like E3 or CES. As far as I know, no one has ever died from nerd flu, and, truth be told, the nerd flu might be closer to a hangover than a contagious disease.

If you want to catch E3 fever without catching an actual fever, seal yourself in your home with plastic wrap and duct tape and tune into to G4's wall-to-wall E3 coverage, beginning June 1st and continuing until E3 2009 is just a distant memory.


Swine Flu Could Keep Capcom Away From E3


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