Dell Expects Windows 7 Price To Be Major Adoption Barrier


Posted May 18, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

Dell Expects Windows 7 Price To Be Major Adoption BarrierFile this one under the “No! Really?” column. And while you’re at it, sub-file it under “Reasons why a comparable level of Windows 7 should be free for Vista Home owners.”

According to CNET, Dell believes the average selling price for Windows 7 will most likely be the deciding factor in the number of PC users willing to make the switch to the new OS when it’s finally released later this year.

And yet, expectation and anticipation are noticeably higher than they were for Vista. The director of product management for Dell's business client product group, Darrel Ward, told CNET:

"When Vista came out we didn't have the motivation to do the types of services that we're doing now. We didn't have the clear customer demand for such services. We do have a visible number of customers, large and small, who are actually waiting for Windows 7 and who have already put plans in place to target the transition.”

This is just an educated guess, but I’m going to say that the reason that user interest is higher for Windows 7 than it was for Vista is because users knew how solid XP was and didn’t see any reason to abandon it simply because Vista had come along.

The disappointment of those users who switched to Vista has been well documented, and even in spite of all the improvements and tweaks that have turned Vista into much more manageable OS than it was at launch, there are still a large number of users desperate to leave it behind. And the inclusion of an XP Mode available to Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate users only sweetens the deal.

Ah, but leave it to Microsoft to force a good percentage of consumers to curb their enthusiasm by hitting them where everything seems to hit them these day, their wallets.

Will Windows 7 be enough of a step up to justify its price tage?


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Dell Expects Windows 7 Price To Be Major Adoption Barrier


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