Meet the Feed: Patrick Roche-Sowa - Producer, The MMO Report and Sessler's Soapbox


Posted May 15, 2009 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

The story so far; I grew up in the only nice part of New Jersey (Bergen County) before attending Emerson College in Boston for 4 years, majoring in Film. After moving to Los Angeles I held a series of jobs, most notable of which was working with Actual Reality Pictures on shows like 30 Days and Black/White.

Then, after a few odd jobs around town, a friend of a friend mentioned they were looking for producers at G4 to work on Cheat!, and since I was a fan of the network and gaming in general, I said hell yes. Interesting side note; I went to my job interview at G4 with a big, waxed-up, curly moustache like the guy who runs the circus. I was also quized about what consoles I had owned over the years, and if I was more excited for the Wii or the PS3. I promptly called my parents to tell them that all that time I "wasted" playing video games in my youth just got me a job.

After about a year working for the network, I moved over to the Feed team to create The MMO Report, and eventually took over producing Sessler's Soapbox as well. For the record, yes, this is the most fun job I've ever had. Be jealous.

Meet The Feed: Patrick Roche-Sowa--Producer, The MMO Report and Sessler's Soapbox

Interview: Patrick Roche-Sowa--Producer, The MMO Report and Sessler's Soapbox.
By Ty Colfax

Ty: What's your problem?

Patrick: I have a cabbage for a head

Ty: What's your favorite MMO, guy who produces the MMO Report?

Patrick: Our graphics guy, Ernie (his nickname is MoMo)

Ty: Describe your first memory of playing a video game.

Patrick: Playing Super Mario Bros at the rich kid in town's house, and then whining and crying until my parents agreed to spend 100 dollars on a Nintendo Entertainment System. I think I was 6.

Ty: You have an iPhone. I can see it from where I'm sitting. Are you satisfied with the gaming options on the iPhone?

Patrick: I have yet to buy any games for the iPhone, but the free games I have are fantastic time wasters when I'm sitting around not doing anything. Cross Word Light is great for brain work, and Vay is a fantastic top-down RPG full of Monty Python and Simpsons references. I highly recommend it. EDIT: I bought Peggle last night, and it's awesome.

Ty: Would you ever be caught dead with one of them Kindles?

Patrick: F*#k no. Unless they start releasing comics on it for cheaper than the 3 bucks I pay for floppies at the store.

Ty: What is the least favorite job you've ever had?

Patrick: I have to say it would be a tie between my first job of cleaning up garbage at the most ghetto amusement park ever, Action Park, and logging tapes of raw footage for a show called Daddy's Spoiled Little Girl. Both required me to collect tiny pieces of garbage that were floating around in a giant cesspool of wrong.

Ty: What is your favorite part of working at G4?

Patrick: The free pony rides.

Ty: How important is your beard with regards to power, confidence, and lifestyle choices?

Patrick: My beard is a combination of may things, mainly laziness, my love of stroking my own face, and the fact that I look like a baby in his late 20s without it.

Ty: How has being from New Jersey hindered your ability to function in the real world?

Patrick: It makes it impossible for me to drive in Los Angeles without seriously considering committing murder.

Ty: What's something random that your parents don't even know about you?

Patrick: That I've done it. With a lady.

Meet the Feed: Patrick Roche-Sowa - Producer, The MMO Report and Sessler's Soapbox


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