Achieve Mobile Enlightenment With 'Guru Meditation' App


Posted May 15, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

Achieve Mobile Enlightenment With 'Guru Meditation' App

For everything that your iPhone is capable of, it’s hardly surprising that someone has found a way of using it to provide spiritual enlightenment.

Ian Bogost’s new iPhone app, Guru Meditation, takes casual gaming to the extreme by essentially being the Seinfeld of apps, in that your success depends on you doing absolutely nothing. Although judging the app in terms of success is probably the wrong approach given that it’s meant as a meditation tool.

Anyway, the game goes something like this: You hold your iPhone as still as you can. Once the phone is balanced, and there aren’t any noises being picked up by the microphone (or external iPod Touch microphone), a yogi appears on screen and begins hovering in the air. From there, it’s up to you to keep him hovering, by not moving the phone and/or not making any noise, and a timer then keeps track of your session length. It also features a day/night cycle that changes from day to dusk to night to dawn every hour.

If the game looks familiar that’s because it’s a port of Bogost’s original Atari VCS game. In fact, Bogost is offering a limited edition bundle that includes the original game (signed), an original Atari VCS with controllers and hookups, a custom made yoga mat and the ancestor of the Wii Fit board, the Amiga Joyboard (which I’m guessing you sit on cross-legged to maintain your yogi’s balance).

The bundle isn’t priced, but I’m guessing if you’re interested enough to inquire about pricing, you’re most likely going to be willing to pay whatever it costs. For iPhone/iPod Touch users, your price is one dollar, and it’s available right now.

Now get meditating!

Achieve Mobile Enlightenment With 'Guru Meditation' App


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