Sony Loses 10% Of The Price Of Each PS3 Sold


Posted May 15, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

PlayStation 3

According to a translation of a Japanese Sony earnings briefings, as of the end of March, Sony loses 10% of the cost of each PlayStation 3 it sells. Sony CFO Nobuyuki Oneda said the company has further cost savings in store for the system, but declined to comment on the possibility of a price drop. This might be bad news for Sony, but it's good news for you: It means the PS3 is a more powerful system than you're paying for.

Oneda also commented on sluggish PSP software sales, stating that the handheld Sony system's attach rate is lower than hardware from other companies. Oneda went on to point out that  increased hardware sales are not leading to a similar increase for software sales, but Sony plans to take care of that problem too, by "making the system capable of playing PS3 and PlayStation software."

What exactly Oneda meant by this isn't known, but it does open up the intriguing possibility of Sony fully exploiting the link between it's big and little systems by simultaneously releasing more games for both systems. Although, I wonder if this would really affect attach rates all that much. Any increase in sales among people who have both systems would, perhaps, be offset by people who only have one, and would think a simultaneously released game would be gimped without both systems.

As for "PlayStation software," there are already a lot of PlayStation games available for the PSP, so it's a little unclear.


Sony Loses 10% Of The Price Of Each PS3 Sold


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