Enter the "Too Lazy To Play Sark" Sweepstakes and win an Xbox 360 GOTY Bundle!


Posted May 14, 2009 - By Dana Leahy

X-Play's Mr Sark just closed the door on Sarkathlon 3, which was a huge online gaming event where you, the loyal videogame enthusiast, were put through Sark's specially designed Halo 3 gauntlet. A winner was crowned and a coveted Xbox 360 Game of the Year Bundle was awarded for his hard work.

But you know what? Tylyr1 had to work for it. You know what's better than having to do actually something? Having to do basically nothing at all. That's why G4tv.com is bringing you the "Too Lazy to Play Sark" Sweepstakes.

We have a GOTY Bundle to give away too, but instead of putting you through the paces of having to run an obstacle course that we designed and then having you submit your best times to us through a file share online, we're picking one random person to be the lucky ducky who gets the Bundle. The GOTY Bundle consists of an Xbox 360 Elite (in pimp daddy black), a bunch of cords that would confuse your mom, a copy of Halo 3 and a copy of Fable 2. Aww yeah!

Click here to enter the "Too Lazy to Play Sark" Sweepstakes!

Enter the "Too Lazy To Play Sark" Sweepstakes and win an Xbox 360 GOTY Bundle!


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