Survey Suggests 'LOTR Online' May Come To 360


Posted May 14, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Lord of the Rings Online

If you're dying to use your Xbox 360 to pretend to be an elf and/or a dwarf, you may be in luck: A recent online survey suggests serious research is being done on bringing Lord of the Rings Online to the console, and may even reveal some details about the game's pricing structure and content.

The survey includes a question that seems designed to gauge how deep gamers will dig into their pockets for Lord of the Rings Online.

“Assuming that you liked the content and theme of this Lord of the Rings MMO for the Xbox 360," the survey reads,"how likely would you be to purchase the game for $59.99, plus pay a monthly subscription of $12.99?”

The survey also asks a question regarding whether gamers would be likely to pay small amounts of money for extra content, which seems to bolster previous rumors that the game would sell clothing, weapons and other goodies through micro-transactions.

Officially, neither Warner Brothers (Rights holder to LOTR)  nor Turbine (the developers of LOTR Online) have said a word about whether they plan on release this MMO, but Turbine did acknowledge that it conducts consumer research through surveys (shocker!).

If Lord of the Rings Online was coming to the 360, would you play it? If so, how much would you pay? Personally, if this game does show up,  I'd be leery of it. Number one, because I already pay a monthly fee for my Live Gold membership, and two because, after a six-month experience of being addicted to World of Warcraft, I completely cut myself off of MMOs -- I just have too addictive a personality to play them casually. Also, my interactions with other people on Xbox Live don't make me eager to participate in role-playing version of a literature series I love. A high elf spamming a common channel with "noobz are teh Suxxor!!" would kill my Tolkien buzz totally.


Survey Suggests 'LOTR Online' May Come To 360


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