'Halo 3' Gets Hypothetical/Chilling NES 'Mega Man' Box Art Treatment


Posted May 11, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

'Halo 3' Gets Hypothetical/Chilling NES 'Mega Man' Box Art Treatment

Videogame box art is probably one of the most underappreciated aspects of the entire gaming experience. For as much as we’d hope not to just a game by its box cover, sometimes we just can’t help it, especially if it’s a game we aren’t that familiar with. The box art’s job is to get the customer to pick up the game so that they turn it over and check out a couple screenshots, feature summaries and critic blurbs, and decide if it's worth their time and money.

And , when it comes to famous (or in this case, infamous) box art, few names spring to mind as readily as Mega Man for the NES. Horrible. Just…horrible. Well, the guys over at GameSpy must have had some exquisitely terrifying visions of the offending cover art, because they’ve now envisioned a world wherein the artist behind the original Mega Man box has been driven to apply his “talent” to recreating box art for popular modern day games.

His first hypothetical project? Halo 3 of course, and what a superbly craptastic vision it is.

Although, for as horrendous as the Mega Man box is, I can't help but be intrigued by it, mainly because I have absolutely no idea what 99 percent of it is supposed to be. Are those golden oysters? If so, are they bad golden oysters? The palm trees and those random explosions seem clear enough, but where the hell is this supposed to take place? Is the background city a place I'm defending or assaulting? Lots of questions to be answered.

On the other hand, the new Halo 3 cover pretty much tells me the whole story. The green guy is a bit odd looking, but he's got a gun, so even playing field there. Those purple vehicles are obviously...purple vehicles. There's an ominous structure in the background that looks too evil to be something I'd be trying to protect, so we have an established enemy (at least structurally). The explosion is really the only truly vexing part, and so it gets points for that. But overall, I know what I'm getting into. Of course, that's why Mega Man is the king of bad box art.

What are some other great/awful game covers?


'Halo 3' Gets Hypothetical/Chilling NES 'Mega Man' Box Art Treatment


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