TheFeed's Weekend Play List: 'Rock Band 2', 'Chinatown Wars', 'ExciteBots', 'Wolverine' And More!


Posted May 8, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

We're gearing up for the weekend here at TheFeed. While we usually spend the weekends kite-surfing with super-models clinging to our backs and/or performing Kabuki theater productions at local retirement homes, we'll probably manage to squeeze in a few hours of video games too.

Below, in no particular order, is what the editorial team plans to play this weekend.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Patrick Klepek: I've finished 44 missions so far in my current addiction: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Rockstar Games' latest portable GTA has no business being so fantastic but it absolutely is. Chinatown Wars, like Skynet, is completely self-aware. The writers recognize people aren't looking for a heavy story here and consciously play right into that expectation. The characters you encounter are so cliché it hurts...but in a good way. If Grand Theft Auto IV is the equivalent of gaming high-art, Chinatown Wars is a roaring B-movie. Oh, and it's also a really entertaining game. If you aren't playing Chinatown Wars yet, you should be.

Rock Band 2

Stephen Johnson: The Rock Band content that’s coming next seems catered to my personal taste in music – Elvis Costello, Social Distortion, The Replacements -- so I will be blowing the dust off Rock Band 2. I know the content isn't out yet, but I need to practice, man.  I’m also going to turn on my PlayStation 3 and use it to finally play Uncharted. Yeah, I’m behind, I know, but what are you going to do? I want to be ready for the sequel. And, for the 3,433 week in a row: Fallout 3. (new DLC, raised level cap, etc.)


Billy Berghammer: This weekend I am playing a number of games. Not in any particular order they’re called “Sleep After Pre-E3 week” and “Unpacking The Final Boxes In the Apartment” and “Couch”. After that I’m probably going to drop in Excitebots and Madworld. It’s going to be a glorious weekend.

 Tiger Woods

Mike D'Alonzo: I’m going to watch my wife play Tiger Woods 09, because that’s how I roll. She is also the very best Tiger Woods player on Earth, and I am not being subsidized to say that. Seriously, she will kick your ass. Don’t front. I don’t even play with her anymore. I just watch. That’s how good she is. If you could play with your whole bag, and she could only play with a spoon or a ping pong paddle, she would still kick your ass. And she’s 38. And you will have to tell all your friends that you got your ass kicked by my wife. So, don’t even try.


Dana Vinson: I didn't bother to see the movie, which I'm saving for a rental, but this weekend, I intend on slicing through Wolverine. See what I did there? I said "slicing" because he like, totally, has claws and stuff? And that's like what makes him special? And able to claw stuff? Anyway, this game looks pretty sweet and I've been looking forward to it. From what I've seen and heard so far, it's a fun play. I'm excited about discovering The Hatch from Lost and getting the Portal achievement. See, I like Wolverine, but I love Lost and still feel bad about my Companion Cube so it's a perfect storm

How about you? What are you playing this weekend?

TheFeed's Weekend Play List: 'Rock Band 2', 'Chinatown Wars', 'ExciteBots', 'Wolverine' And More!


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