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Posted May 8, 2009 - By defiantketchup

Hi! I'm Jeffrey Sanyaluck Kanjanapangka. I know it's a mouthful, so I've collected a lot of different nicknames over the years, especially since I came to work here at G4. Jkan, Kanjan, Hot Pockets...all of these have been assigned to me. Billy also likes to call me "Jerkface" but that one hasn't seemed to catch on yet with anyone but him.

Anyway, I'm an athletic dude who is the jewel of the office when it comes to a game we like to play called "Jumping and trying to touch things that are up really high." I'm a pro at that. I also really like video games, which is why I really like working here. I also like to SCUBA dive and once got bitten by a Titan , but that's a total non sequitur and doesn't belong here.

What does belong here are these 11 questions Billy asked me. So please, read and enjoy.

Jeff or Jkan or Kanjan or Hot Pockets or Jerkface (if you're Billy).

Meet The Feed: Jeffrey Kanjanapangka--Asset Wrangler

Interview: Jeffrey Kanjanapangka - Asset Wrangler, Gaming Editorial
By Billy Berghammer

Billy: Is that really your last name?

Jeff: Yes, for the last time the country of Thailand does exist and we tend to overdue our last names given that we treat them like domain name creation.

Billy: I don’t believe you. TELL ME THE TRUTH.

Jeff: ... I made it up... I don’t know what it means or any relation to Chinese immigrant decent or ancient Bali scripture translations... I just wanted something that made me feel like kicking ass and chewing bubblegum... And of course, I’m all out of bubblegum.

Billy: Why do people in the office call you Jerk Face?

Jeff: Obviously because I’m a minority. =D But seriously, I once put one of those USB humping dogs into Brian’s computer effectively shutting it down. (FYI: USB humping doggies position their noses directly over the power button on Apple Mac Pros)

Billy: How did you score a job here at G4 and what do you do here, Jerkface?

Jeff: I didn’t make the cut for the final production crew aboard Disney’s latest High School Musical crew (they said my dancing was too similar to garbage) and when the show went Union a friend of a friend... Contacted the G4 gods and they informed me they were trying to diversify their Thai culinary skills. After proving I had no cooking skills whatsoever for some reason have allowed me to continue on playing, capturing, cutting and uploading videogame media assets to G4tv.com. Try not to remind them.

Billy: So, Mr. Jerkface, if I came to your apartment and stole all of your games, which five games would you die without?
Could you tell me where you live? I just want to know.

Jeff: Without Chrono Trigger, DUNE: The Battle for Arrakis, Final Fantasy VI (III in the states), Resident Evil 2, and Left 4 Dead wouldn’t we all be at a loss? Um.. I currently live with Leahy feel free to come in and look at his my extensive gaming collection.

Billy: Outside of working with me, what is your favorite part about working at G4?

Jeff: Playing games early is always a hoot, plus meeting developers from Square Enix and such are always a plus for a weekday in a cubicle. The department white board always has humorous "Question of the Day"s and yes... Bagel Thursday.

Billy: Do you find it difficult to work with Brian Leahy?

Jeff: NO... Absolutely not.  Brian LeaHy is the bEst co-worker I’ve ever had. Leahy is the type of Person Most people would like to work with on an Everyday basis.

Billy: What is your current favorite gadget or tech?

Jeff: Underwater camera housings past and present and anything to do with Underwater Breathing Apparatus. (Card-carrying PADI member) Specifically voice technology built into scuba masks are my current obession as I'm trying to get a volunteer job this summer to dive into the tanks of the Aquarium of the Pacific down in Long Beach, CA.

Billy: Are you a mouse/keyboard or controller guy?

Jeff: Both. Dawn of War II, Team Fortress 2, and Empire: Total War burning up the keys and mice currently. Control-wise no preference. Ultimately whatever game is calling to me. Hell, I picked up one of those Nyko Perfect Shots for House of the Dead: Overkill.

Billy: What games are you looking forward to in 2009?

Jeff: Whenever that Aliens game with with the Space Marines comes out (if ever) and anything that has the word Blizzard on it. My current bet is on Lost Vikings/Rock n’ Roll Racing MMORPG.

Thanks for taking the time to Meet Me and like the roaches I WILL outlive you come the Zombie apocalypse of December 21st, 2012.

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Meet The Feed: Jeffrey Kanjanapangka - Asset Wrangler, Games Editorial


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