'Grand Theft Auto IV' Habits Making 'Chinatown Wars' Really Annoying


Posted May 8, 2009 - By pklepek

I can't be alone on this one. 44 mission into Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and I can't break old habits from dozens of hours with Grand Theft Auto IV. In GTA IV, players made Niko run by annoyingly tapping the X or A button, depending on your console. You don't have to do that in Chinatown Wars…but I do.

In Chinatown Wars, Rockstar Games wisely ditched the tapping requirement and only asks players to hold down the B button to run. If you run for more than a few seconds, however, your character runs out of breath -- but you can keep him sprinting by tapping B. Reasonable compromise, right?

Except Rockstar has already trained Grand Theft Auto players the other way around. My muscle memory keeps me tapping B like a maniac, even though my brain keeps shouting "you don't have to do that, idiot!" Hours later, my thumb's throbbing with pain and it's time for a break.

Like I said, though…44 missions in and I haven't broken the habit yet. Am I alone?

'Grand Theft Auto IV' Habits Making 'Chinatown Wars' Really Annoying


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