Ubisoft Confident In MotionPlus Because Of 'Wii Sports Resort'


Posted May 7, 2009 - By pklepek

Wii Sports Resort

Publishers are moving behind Nintendo's latest Wii accessory, MotionPlus, in a big way. Ubisoft, a Wii supporter from day one, is throwing weight behind MotionPlus before it's on store shelves. Red Steel 2, the sequel to their sword-focused launch title, is being designed around MotionPlus. Why are they so confident?

Easy answer, says Ubisoft senior VP of sales and marketing Tony Key: Wii Sports Resort. I interviewed Key as part of a feature for 1UP.com that just went live, where we discussed the gamble involved with investing in a so far unproven peripheral.

"When they [Nintendo] put a Wii MotionPlus in a hit product, boom -- 5 million people have it just in the US, 10 million people worldwide," said Key. "Now, you're selling into a big install base. I don't actually think that's [supporting MotionPlus early is] much of a concern and I wouldn't think it was a concern unless Nintendo wasn't launching Wii MotionPlus with a hit product, but they are."

Ubisoft is already confident about MotionPlus' success. Are you?


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Ubisoft Confident In MotionPlus Because Of 'Wii Sports Resort'


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