'DJ Hero', 'Guitar Hero 5' and 'Band Hero' Officially Announced


Posted May 7, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

DJ Hero Peripheral

Okay, this announcement isn't exactly a surprise, but it is now officially official: Activision is releasing Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero and Band Hero this fall.

In case you haven't heard, DJ Hero expands the concept of music games into previously underserved genres like hip-hop, dance, Motown and electronica. The controller is a fake plastic turntable as opposed to a guitar; check it out above.

As for Guitar Hero 5, Activision hasn't revealed a huge number of details, but the company promises the title delivers the "hottest rock and roll artists today as well as classic rock bands and gives players an unprecedented level of control over the way they play the game with the ability to drop in and out of songs and change band members, instruments and difficulty levels on the fly."

Band Hero is the first E10+ rated Hero game. It features top-40 hits designed to "appeal to a broad family audience." So, I'm guessing it'll be like Guitar Hero, but easy and not sleazy.

As for more detailed information on these games, sorry, man, you'll have to wait. Right now, Activision is playing it close to the vest and not revealing a whole lot about the new entries in their flagship series.

Which of these games (if any) are you excited to pick up? I'll try out DJ Hero, and depending on the tunes, Guitar Hero 5, although I wonder how many of these "Hero" style games can continue to come out without offering something truly innovative to the mix...

'DJ Hero', 'Guitar Hero 5' and 'Band Hero' Officially Announced


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