No Blu-Ray Demo For 'FFXIII' Outside Of Japan?


Posted May 6, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

No Blu-Ray Demo For 'FFXIII' Outside Of Japan?

Discriminating against the Xbox 360 in Japan is understandable, given that PlayStation 3s outnumber 360s there about two to one, and I hear Sony is kind of a big deal there too. But Square Enix knows that discriminating against the 360 outside of Japan by going Blu-Ray only for the eventual Western version of the Final Fantasy XIII demo could potentially set off a fanboy world war.

It’s no surprise then that Square Enix is planning to “check out" this whole "downloadable demo" fad that just popped up recently, so as not to alienate Western Xbox 360 users when a FFXIII demo is finally released. A downloadable version would obviously make the most sense, but given that there still isn’t a release date for FFXIII in Japan, it could be a while before the demo hits Western consoles (even though localization is being handled more efficiently this tiem around). Still, it’s nice to know that no one will be left out when it does arrive. Hooray console equality (outside of Japan)!


No Blu-Ray Demo For 'FFXIII' Outside Of Japan?


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