Nugget From the Net: Are Star Trek Chicks Hotter Than They Used To Be?


Posted May 6, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Heidi Klum Vulcan

In case you haven't heard, there's a new Star Trek movie, and it's coming out this Friday. Paramount Pictures was cool enough to send us some pics of hot chicks flashing the Vulcan gang sign. Like the above photo of Heidi Klum, taken at the Star Trek premier in Los Angeles the other day. 

Oh, and Hayden Panettiere from Heroes below.

Hayden Paniterie

This new Star Trek flick got me thinking, though: Who's hotter, the girls of the original Star Trek series, or these new upstarts? Hit the "read more" for an important, detailed photo comparison... and don't forget to weigh in in the comment section.

Round One: Uhura!

Below is Zoe Saldana, the new Uhura....


...and this is the "old" Urhura: Nichelle Nichols.


Winner:  I give it to old Trek.  It's the huge Beehive hair-do combined with the clunky "electronics" and the mini-skirt--I'm a sucker for retro. Besides, original Uhura was not only hot, she was badass. This new Uhura, I dunno. I'll have to wait until Friday to find out how she stacks up in the action department!

Round Two: Green chicks!

Below is Rachel Nichols, who plays "Green Girl" in Trek (and Scarlet in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie,)

Rachel Nichols

And this is Yvonne Craig, the actress who played the green chick Kirk made out with in the original series.

Yvonne Craig

Winner: New Trek, no doubt. I mean, just look at Nichols. I want to start a religion about her.

The overall verdict: A tie! There is no clear winner here. But, obviously, the hottest chick in Star Trek history is Marina Sirtis, who played Counselor Troy in Next Generation.


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Nugget From the Net: Are Star Trek Chicks Hotter Than They Used To Be?


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