GameFly Cries Discrimination Against USPS Over Damaged Discs


Posted May 5, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

GameFly Cries Discrimination Against USPS Over Damaged Discs

Amid the day-to-day hustle and bustle of by-mail entertainment services, a secret war has been raging. It seems that United States Postal Service and game delivery service GameFly have been on rocky ground for quite some time, and now GameFly is taking it to the next level: court.

GamePolitics reports that GameFly has filed a complaint against the USPS for refusing to implement precautionary measures to avoid undue damage to GameFly’s DVDs. The company also claims that these very same measures are used to protect DVDs from both Netflix and Blockbuster, which, if true, represents discrimination. Even after several rounds of testing to find a sturdier form of envelope and packaging, GameFly says it still experiences an unreasonably high rate of discs being damaged in transit. The company says these damages could be avoided if, like discs from other rent-by-mail services, GameFly discs weren’t put through unsympathetic mechanical sorters.

According to GameFly, one to two percent of the 590,000 games the company ships each month are either broken or stolen in transit (Funniest stat of the filing: 19 people have been arrested for stealing GameFly discs). As WebProNews points out, that’s around $600,000 in lost revenue every month (assuming we’re talking full retail price). That’s some serious green.

Aside from being one of the more amusing lawsuits to come along in a while ("A GameFly disc? Toss it in with the other junk mail! Just kiding. I'm taking it home with me! Mwahaha!!"), it also serves to highlight the seemingly inevitable dominance of video game streaming services like OnLive.

Is the world ready for disc-less gaming?


GameFly Cries Discrimination Against USPS Over Damaged Discs


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