EA Completely Changing Its Wii Marketing Plans


Posted May 5, 2009 - By pklepek

When third-party games fail to sell in mass numbers on Wii, is it simply because Wii consumers are only interested in Nintendo titles (a statement Nintendo has harshly denied) or evidence that publishers maybe don't know how to talk to Wii consumers? This is an "expanded audience" after all.

Electronic Arts seems to believe it could be the latter. The company isn't backing off from Wii support in 2009. EA is actually investing more into Wii development than ever before, said EA CEO John Riccitiello during a conference call to investors and analysts this afternoon, and rebooting their approach to communicating games to Wii owners.

Riccitiello said the publisher will be launching a Wii-specific website about EA's games later this year, in addition to debuting a massive, Wii-specific marketing campaign designed to highlight what EA is doing on Nintendo's platform.

This is different from EA's old approach, where marketing focused on what's happening on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This year, Wii gets its own push. Considering how different the Wii versions are this year -- MotionPlus in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, a new visual style for Madden NFL 10 -- it's a smart move.

If you're reading TheFeed, you're not the consumer that EA is talking about. EA is talking about your mom or the brother that picked up a Wii for Wii Sports and hasn't dusted it off since. These people aren't loading up web sites and reading message boards for the latest information -- they're a different type of consumer.

You do, however, know these people. Where do they find their information? Do they ask you for advice? I'm always the guy family is calling up for game recommendations.

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EA Completely Changing Its Wii Marketing Plans


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