'Fallout 3' "Broken Steel" Content: Broken


Posted May 5, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Broken Steel

According to ShackNews, the "Broken Steel" DLC just released for epic post-Apocalypse RPG Fallout 3 is, well, broken. According to posters at Bethesda's message board, attempts at installation of the content on a PC results in this enigmatic message:

"Not a cryptographic message or the cryptographic message is not formatted correctly. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8009200D)."

As for you Xbox 360 users, your troubles are less spectacular. On the 360, the content is reportedly incorrectly rewarding and recording achievements.

But don't fret: Bethesda is on the case. The company promises the DLC will work soon. The PC error is a "Games for Windows Live DRM Install error," and a Bethesda representative told Shacknews that "Microsoft is working on fixing it, and we'll let everyone know once we've verified it."

As far as the Xbox 360 achievement anomalies: "The Xbox Live servers don't seem to be fully synced yet with the additional achievements. This should fix itself automatically soon. People won't lose any achievements."

You would have thought Bethesda would have learned their lesson after the launch debacle with "The Pitt" DLC for Fallout 3, but apparently, they have not. Seriously, guys, everyone loves your game, so you've built up a lot of gamer good will, but if this kind of thing keeps up, you might gain a bad reputation...

Have you downloaded "Broken Steel" yet? Have you run into any troubles? Personally, I'm waiting until everything is smooth before installing it. Maybe by the weekend, everything will be patched up and fixed, and I can revisit Fallout 3, error-free!

Check out TheFeed's impressions of "Broken Steel" here.


'Fallout 3' "Broken Steel" Content: Broken


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