No Multiplayer In 'Red Steel 2'


Posted May 4, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Red Steel 2

The latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine revealed a lot of info on the sequel to disappointing Wii launch title Red Steel. Along with a litany of cool-sounding new features (greater emphasis on swordplay over gunplay, new non-combat uses for the Wiimote) was a decidedly sour-note: The game will not feature multiplayer.

Ubisoft said, “We would love to create a multiplayer engine, but not right now. It’s single player because we want to really focus on the core mechanic and as much as we all want to kill each other with swords, it’s not going to happen this time." That's a total downer, given the fact that for many players, the Wii was purchased only for the promise of cutting our friend apart with virtual swords.

Ubisoft didn't totally close the door on multiplayer, though. When asked about the possibility of releasing some multiplayer DLC, the company said, "That would be cool. The world has changed, and we can do that sort of thing. I certainly think that would be cool. I’d buy it. But we need to be careful bringing out something that people think should be in the main game.”

Here's a list of what we know about Wii-exclusive first-person-sworder Red Steel 2:

  • Release window: Q4 2009
  • Will feature some RPG elements.
  • Gun and sword combos
  • "Tightly focused on intensely physical first person sword fighting, with gunplay a secondary option”
  • Hold Z to lock onto enemy
  • Hold down C and swing to block, vertical and horizontal blocks
  • Switch lock-on at any time
  • Screen prompts you if you’re being attacked from behind. Press A to quick-turn in this situation
  • Many enemies wear bulletproof armor
  • Not open world
  • Not a linear game, multiple paths to take
  • Several hub-worlds
  • Side quests
  • Collectibles
  • Return to old areas with new powers and abilities
  • Non-combat use of MotionPlus wont be limited to opening doors
  • Boss fights
  • Production began last summer

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to this game, but guardedly. I was way psyched for the first one, but it was such an undeniable mess, I can only hope that this sequel is better executed. RS 2 does have the advantage of not being a launch title, so it likely wasn't as rushed toward completion as the first one, and the MotionPlus controller should take care of some of the glitchy, non-responsive play of the first game... so, hey, maybe this will actually live up to the promise of its premise?


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No Multiplayer In 'Red Steel 2'


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