'TheFeed's' Weekend Playlist: 'Bioshock', 'Street Fighter IV', 'Chinatown Wars', And 'Fight Night'


Posted May 1, 2009 - By r_pad

It's that time again boys and girls -- time for another glorious weekend! While the swine flu is sweeping that nation (whatever happened to the avian flu, SARS, and The Black Plague?), the crew at TheFeed is ready for some uninterrupted gaming action. Here's what the crew has planned for this weekend. As always, the gang wants to know what you're playing. Leave a comment and let the peeps know what's on your playlist.

To kick things off, let's start with the newest addition to TheFeed's staff: the incredible Jake Gaskill.

Bioshock: Secret Achievements »

Jake Gaskill: Once I finish packing up the remainder of my stuff (my girlfriend and I are moving next weekend!), I’ll be returning to Bioshock for a little deep sea mayhem, because, quite frankly, there are few game worlds I’d rather spend a few hours in more than Rapture. Then I might scour the wastelands of Fallout 3 for the very same reason. (I wonder if my lust for a desolate and depressing setting has anything to do with the fact that I have just completed my first week at TheFeed. Hm…) And then just for kicks I’m going to jump back into Fable 2 to see how much sweet, sweet coinage I’ve managed to rack up since the last time I played. I will then promptly blow it all on hookers and meat pies and bask in my own filthy opulence. Good times.

Street Fighter 4

Brian Leahy: Well, being that my MadCatz Fightstick Tournament Edition arrived today and the competition in the newly released Championship Mode is better, I’ll be rocking Street Fighter IV (again). Maybe I can get up to 100 hours played this weekend? Apart from that, I’ll probably put some more time into the Halo 3 Mythic Maps. I’d like to play Demigod, but the multiplayer population is kind of empty. Also, the recent StarCraft 2 Battle Report might drive me back to some StarCraft, but I’m terrible at the game.

Svenngard Lodge

Stephen Johnson: This weekend I am taking my wife to the Svendsgaard Lodge in lovely, downtown Solvang, California. Usually, these kinds of places have in-room video game systems that are a couple generations behind the state-of-the-art, so if I play anything, it will be Super Mario 64. Oh, and I’ll probably bring my DS Lite and hit some Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars… but not too much. Hopefully there will be other activities to occupy my time. And by that, I mean I’ll be drunk.

Ricky Hatton vs. Manny Pacquiao: Fight Night Round 4

Raymond "Boom Boom" Padilla: This weekend I'll be pretending that I don't have the swine flu. I'm pretty sure that I'm just worn down from international travel, a lack of sleep, jet lag, and experiencing three very different climates in the span of a week. Millions of Filipinos and Mancunians are going to be watching the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton. I used to train in boxing and I'm a huge fan of the sport. This fight has me a bit torn though.... As a Filipino, I love Pacquiao and what he means to the country. However, I'm a huge Ricky Hatton fan and I probably have more in common with him (Manchester City, Guiness, darts, etc.). Not to sound like a race traitor or anything, but I'm actually supporting Hatton for this fight -- he's the underdog and I think his chances are slim. Plus, "There's only ooooooooneeeee Ricky Hatton!!!" You know what? I'll play a ton of Fight Night to gear up for tomorrow's fight. Great idea, Raymond!

'TheFeed's' Weekend Playlist: 'Bioshock', 'Street Fighter IV', 'Chinatown Wars', And 'Fight Night'


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