The Webmaster LOVES This Kid


Posted April 27, 2009 - By Webmaster


I get a lot of email.  And as any of you that have ever emailed me know, I personally respond to almost all of it.  Most of the email is spam and crap.  Some of it is mildly amusing. And I still occasionally get angry emails about how we ate Leo Laporte (he was delicious, BTW).

Every once in awhile I receive something brilliant, like the email below. I'm challenging YOU Feed readers to help prove/ disprove his hologram concept.  Either way I'm sending him all the swag I can find.  You have to respect anything that involves a diagram made in MS Paint.

Dear Webmaster,

I think I have an idea for a hologram!! My science teacher isn't actually into science, so she won't really work with me. :(

I thought that the webmaster  would know a thing or two, or at least enough to tell me it wouldn't work, or that it is a waste of time and effort, or maybe make it so ridiculously funny it can't be seriously considered.

It goes like this:

A beam of tightly focused light is shot up vertically from a projector-like mechanism (I do not know if different colors on the spectrum can be seen in one wave, but if projectors were also located on the horizontal, and those colors mixed with each other, you could *potentially* mix them and create some semblance of floating pixels), and another beam is shot down at a fraction of a fraction of a second later, to meet and possibly cancel out the first vertical wave.  Now, I am only 14, and only recently introduced to the field of physical science, but I am very excited about this idea, albeit rough and hard to explain in words.  If you cannot aide me, I would greatly appreciate it if you relayed this message to perhaps a personal friend/ known expert in the field, etc.

Attached is some kind of equally rough diagram.  

Infinite thanks, 
D. L. Snyder

P.S.--G4 ftw.

The Webmaster LOVES This Kid

So there you have it, folks.  Help me help him in the comments section.  


The Webmaster LOVES This Kid


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